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E-Liquid Insurance, What You Need to Know 

"Vaping is good for public health" - we have two officials from the Food and Drug Administration state this on record.

The issue is that people are inhaling significant quantities of PG, VG, Nicotine, and Flavorings.  The vaporization occurs when the temperature reaches several hundred degrees causing the e-liquid to turn into an aerosol/vapor.  Included in the e-liquids vapor are particles which may include silica, cotton fibers, metal particles, these are all harmful chemicals (but are very low in quantities and have little or no affect on health).

We are advocates for the vape industry and know that vaping is good for public health.  However, vaping does not equal to inhaling fresh mountainous air.  In fact, some people are allergic to PG to the point which requires hospitalization.  At this time the true Health Hazard Liability is unknown.  What is known is that the 99% of those who vape are former smokers.  This segment of our population are generally unhealthy and their lungs and other organs have taken abuse for many years.  When a client ends up in a hospital and comes out with a six-figure bill he or she will find many ways to pay for it.  This includes looking at your company for compensation.


The above mentioned reasons should be enough for you to consider e-liquid insurance coverage for your company - even if you did not manufacture e-liquids/e-juices.

CALCO Advantage:

Having CALCO on your side means having the worlds most experienced vape insurance broker.  In fact, we helped create the policy forms which provides coverage to the vape industry.  We can also assist you in contract review of your lease to one presented to you by a vendor or distributor.

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