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Are you ready to start protecting your vape business? The vape insurance experts at CALCO are ready to help.  With CALCO, you can expect unparalleled service. In fact, the Smoke-Free Alternative Association (SFATA) and other vape industry associations - have chosen us to provide their members with vape product liability coverage. We want to help you run a successful business and believe in providing you the tools to do so.  Start your vape insurance call our insurance professionals, (877) 225-2699. We will be happy to review your current vape insurance for any coverage gaps or exclusions you may not be aware of.  We have provided solutions to the vape industry since 2008. We are also the only vape advocates outside of the vape industry.  We pioneered policy wording which grants coverage and separates vaping from loose leaf tobacco products. And we lobbied on more than a dozen occasion with SFATA at the congressional offices in Washington D.C., and independently in California.  And we insure more than $6 billion of annual vape sales.  Contact Us

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